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Located in the Venetian Resort and Casino overlooking the Strip in Las Vegas, Taboo Cove was the first authentic Tiki bar built in America since the early 1970s. In November 2000, Bosko was approached by NY designer Marc Campbell to design a new lounge for the Venetian. Campbell's assignment was to replace the resort's failed Southwest-style restaurant; his solution was to twin the space, on one side putting a "Rat Pack" retro lounge called the Venus, and on the other the Taboo Cove Tiki bar.

Taboo Cove was designed and outfitted by Bosko, featuring Tiki Objects by Bosko's trademark redwood and palmwood mask carvings. Carved redwood trim, giant palmwood Tiki Poles, and Huge Redwood Plaques on Shields suffuse the room. Thousands of feet of Bamboo, authentic Tiki light fixtures, glass fishing floats, vintage menus and Tiki mugs, an outrigger canoe, and lava rock complete the ultimate Tiki atmosphere.

Part of Bosko's vision for Taboo Cove was not only for it to look authentic, but also sound and taste authentic. He recruited the legendary mixologist Tony Ramos (who used to tend bar at Don The Beachcomber) to train the bar staff, and made "Beachbum Berry's Grog Log" their drink bible. The idea was to have the exotic concoctions served in authentic Tiki mugs and Bosko's own limited-edition ceramics.

Unfortunately Taboo Cove closed its doors in May of 2005.

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